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Prachiti Fire Tech

We are a professional firm providing fire & Safety services, fire protection and life safety services. We encourage our team members’ growth through personal and professional development to enhance sustained growth of our company. We engage in active partnerships with our clients to provideFire & safety solutions with an unyielding approach toward results, we are only satisfied with incident-free outcomes.

Prachiti Fire tech. has been providing inspection, functional testing, and maintenance of all kind of fire extinguisher systems to commercial, industrial, government, and mercantile facilities. We expanded our services by adding special hazards identification service and Fire safety trainings. Fire extinguisher sales and service, and fire Extinguishers Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) managed by us.

  • Volunteering
  • Special Tasks
  • Inccidents Covered
  • Public Meetings


Prachiti Fire Tech team members have developed core values using one word with a description of what each word means to them

  • Safety “Operate in a safe, but timely manner; never work in conditions you deem as unsafe.” "For yourself, your team, and your customer.”
  • Knowledge “Commitment to enhancing job knowledge.” PFT team members are the professionals in this field,
    we are not afraid of doing the homework to complete a job correctly.
  • Innovation “Learn to adapt to change, work with it, not against it, if a company is to grow, there must come changes.” “Look for new opportunities…don’t become stagnant


Our technicians and staff are among the finest in the industry. We perform regular drug tests to maintain a 100% drug-free workplace and run background checks before we entrust them with your fire protection needs. Our low employee turnover ensures that your property is in knowledgeable hands

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